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Top Ten?!?

According to my just hastily-completed calculations I have now seen eleven movies that were released theatrically in 2010. Does seeing eleven make me qualified to give you my top ten?

But why would I live one out? Here they are: My Top ELEVEN Movies for 2010:

1-   Winter's Bone
2-   Toy Story 3
3-   Inception
4-   The Social Network
5-   The Kids Are All Right

6-   The Town
7-   The Losers
8-   Shutter Island
9-   Iron Man 2
10- The Killer Inside Me

11- The Book of Eli

So there you have it. I am pathetic. Once I see the rest of the movies I'd like to see from this year -- Get Low and True Grit high among them -- I'm sure the list has changed. But I've still only seen 23 movies from last year.

Pathetic indeed.


hint fiction

Hint Fiction tour

So I've been away from the blog for a bit.

Where've I been? 

I've been hitting three of the four stops on what I have dubbed the National Hint Fiction Book Tour!

Stop One:

Aaron's Books in lovely Lititz, PA (hometown of anthology editor Robert Swartwood). Here I am signing books with a group of my fellow contributors:

Up next was a swing through the Big Apple, as we hit McNally Jackson in New York. This time, I decided to read a longer piece from Everyday Fiction in addition to my Hints:



I had to skip the event at Vroman's in Pasadena (as in "Little Old Lady From", not Annapolis) -- the book tour's 'travel budget' was not inexhaustible.

But I was able to make it up to Philadelphia and the Big Blue Marble Bookstore for the fourth and final stop. This time, Linus asked me to read a Batman book, from which I shared a few pages after I finished my Hints. Not sure about that weird pouch in my right cheek: 


We will be getting the band back together in February for a reading at New York's famed KGB Bar, which I'm really looking forward to.

And, as always, if you haven't gotten your copy of Hint Fiction yet, grab it HERE. It's so cute and small, exactly the right size for a stocking. Just sayin'.



Welcome to JF

I'm Still Here!

Haven't updated in quite a while (I know, I know). Apologies.


Pretty good weekend for me, writing-wise:

On Saturday, my hint fiction piece "No Joy in Melville" earned an honorable mention in the Washington Post Style Invitational Hint Fiction Contest.

Then, on Sunday, I received word that my superhero story "Dinner Guest" was selected to appear in Static Movement's Powers: A Superhero Anthology, edited by Jay Faulkner. This one should be out in the next couple of months -- here's a sneaky-peek at a pretty nice cover:



Full Table of Contents has been released:

The Power to Believe – Jay Faulkner
Foreword Gods and/or Monsters – Cy Dethan

Crappy Birthday – Gary McKenzie
The Tripwire Trio – T. L. Barrett
The Last Day and Night Of Bill Stevens, Superhero – Jude-Marie Green
Dreaming of Nick Savage – Simon Forster
The Night Ghost Returns – Christopher McKittrick
Seven Years after Midnight (A novella) – John X. Grey

Family Secrets
– Rob Rosen
Secret Origin of the Sack Man – Martin Zeigler
Dinner Guest – Frank Byrns
Space Scouts
– David Perlmutter
Super Cleaners - Michelle Ruckoldt
Spandex – Alexander Bentley

– Bradley Descartes
Fanaticism – Gary Buettner
The Dragoon – Lane Kareska
The Stuntman – Matt Adams
The Last Laugh – Luke Johnson